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White Russians in The Big Lebowski

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The Big Lebowski drawn on a bowling pin.

The Big Lebowski drawn on a bowling pin.

Because I am doing much research on The Big Lebowski for my Troika Music Festival Pin Projekt bowling pin, I have come to realize the surprising lack of list-like information about the film available on the internet. For example, if you were curious in which scenes The Dude drinks his nine White Russians, you may find them listed below [SPOILER ALERT]:

  1. 00:20:00 – Dude makes a White Russian in his home while listening to his answering machine and drinks it while talking with Monty about his dance quintet.
  2. 00:45:10 – Dude prepares himself a White Russian in Maude’s art studio while she plays Logjammin’ on the television.
  3. 00:47:58 – Dude drinks a White Russian in the limo ride from Maude’s place back to his home.  He has the same drink (“Fuck man! There’s a beverage here!”) to Lebowski’s limo where he is handed the toe.
  4. 00:57:19 – Dude finishes a White Russian in the bowling alley while talking with Walter and Donny.
  5. 00:59:27 – Dude orders “another Caucasian” at the bowling alley bar after Walter and Donny leave and meets the Stranger.
  6. 01:02:05 – Dude makes a White Russian at Maude’s studio while he waits for her to arrive.  Instead of half and half, he uses powdered non-dairy creamer.
  7. 01:15:38 –  Dude tells Jackie Treehorn that a “White Russian, thanks” is his drink and drinks one made by Treehorn while they talk about the money.
  8. 01:18:30 – Jackie Treehorn asks Dude if he’d like a refill and he replies “Does the Pope shit in the woods?”  This is the White Russian that Dude spills on the floor because he has been drugged.
  9. 01:29:17 –  Dude makes a White Russian after he and Maude have sex.  The physical act of love.  Coitus.

My life on teh interwebs: March

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My first and favorite contribution to Marchs Experimonth, The Eyes of March.

My first and favorite contribution to March's Experimonth, The Eyes of March.

March was a particularly busy month for me at work, so my online contributions were a little less than normal.

  • 133 tweets/Facebook status updates
  • 40 pictures uploaded to Flickr
  • 15 pages of sketches in my sketchbook (and three 11×17 sketches)
  • 14 blog posts
  • 0 nights away from home
  • 1 video uploaded
  • 2 radio interviews
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The pitch I chew. A Good Cover Upper

A Good Cover-upper

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Dick Cavett interviews Katherine Hepburn: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

I discovered an unexpected heroine yesterday when I watched the (above) video Merlin Mann linked on his kung fu grippe blog (see also: this MetaFilter thread).  I spent my lunch and entire evening yesterday watching the entire interview and have so far recommended it to nearly every person I’ve come across.

One of my favorite parts is when Katherine says “I think the whole human race is petrified. I’m a good cover-upper.”  I also loved, “Cold sober I find myself absolutely fascinating.”

I don’t know all that much about Hepburn, more now than yesterday, but I found her undeniably inspiring.  I appreciate her perspectives on productivity, focus, fear, success and reality.  She talks of luck, but defines it as folks seem to be lately  (as a result of of dedication and circumstance).  Specifically requiring:

  1. An intelligent mother and father.
  2. A basic freedom from fear.
  3. A basic belief in yourself to carry you through uncertainty.

Like Cavett, I fell in love with her about seven times watching the thing.  Highly recommend.  (You can also order the Netflix DVD if you want to avoid the sliced and diced YouTube parts.)