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My life on teh interwebs: March

In My Life on Teh Interwebs on April 3, 2009 at 12:41 pm
My first and favorite contribution to Marchs Experimonth, The Eyes of March.

My first and favorite contribution to March's Experimonth, The Eyes of March.

March was a particularly busy month for me at work, so my online contributions were a little less than normal.

  • 133 tweets/Facebook status updates
  • 40 pictures uploaded to Flickr
  • 15 pages of sketches in my sketchbook (and three 11×17 sketches)
  • 14 blog posts
  • 0 nights away from home
  • 1 video uploaded
  • 2 radio interviews
The pitch I chew. My life on teh interwebs: February
Memorable Tweet I’m tweetin’ that it’s sleetin’. (in SW Durham)
Twenty-eight Tables 59 days down, 306 to go.
Flickr Video Twenty-eight Candles
The Eyes of March eu•cho•lo•gi•on
The Eyes of March hol•o•gram
The Eyes of March sense
The Eyes of March Sha•vi•an
Memorable Tweet A drawing of mine was used on the blog today.
The Eyes of March ar•ma•men•tar•i•um
useum Martha Stewart Tweeting
The Eyes of March jow
The Eyes of March high’way rob’bery
The Eyes of March photo•taxis
The Eyes of March Car•o•li•na
The Eyes of March fat•head•ed
useum Measuring Social Participation in a Science Museum
The Eyes of March pa•tron
Memorable Tweet About to talk #experimonth on WXDU.
The Eyes of March Ma•gel•lan
The Eyes of March ship•lap
The Eyes of March ver•nac•u•lar
The pitch I chew. Now Recruiting for April’s Experimonth
Twenty-eight Tables Twenty-eight Tables Traffic Report
The Eyes of March mod•er•ate
useum An update on our Flickr Plant Project experiment
The Eyes of March lure
Memorable Tweet I’m already getting tired of people using the word “unironic.”
Flickr My (NCAA) Bracket Performance
useum Questioning the accuracy of Qwitter.
Another HCI Blog Piggyback Post: Sketching Tools
Memorable Tweet This is what I want to be when I grow up.
Memorable Tweet Yep, hammock still works.
The pitch I chew. A Good Cover Upper
  1. dude, you should totally check out You would love it for this kind of thing. Me, I’m just using it for pushups. So far.

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